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Adding members to the Safety Dashboard

Add, delete, and edit member information on the dashboard

You as the Administrator (Admin) of the organization have the ability to add, remove, or edit member information quickly and easily on your organization's Safety Dashboard.

First, log in to your Safety Dashboard. Scroll to the Members section of the dashboard. To add a member, tap Add Member. Fill out the fields with the member's full name, mobile phone number, and email address. Choose from the dropdown menu the WorkerSafety Pro App. Tap Add. This person will now receive a text message containing a link inviting them to download the app. If they click on that link to download, they will be prompted through the steps to setup and they will be entered into the organization.

To edit an existing member, tap the pencil icon, make changes to their information, and tap the floppy disc icon to save.

To delete a member, tap the garbage can icon, tap Remove Member.