Extending Apple Watch battery life

How to maximize battery life while running WorkerSafety Pro

Apple has published an article on this subject which can be found here. In the section named "Tips for Apple Watch”, you can learn how to turn off the heart rate sensor. Another option is Power Saving Mode. You will get a warning dialog from Apple that you will want to understand if you turn on Power Saving Mode to see if the setting will work well for you.

Something to note about this technique is that it also turns off cellular data, so you will need to be connected to WiFi for fall detection. Additionally, location has to be set to “Always”. Battery life on the Apple Watch should be at least 8-10 hours with the app running. 

Newer iPhones have longer battery life and we find that these phones last from 14-20 hours typically on a charge. For people that do a lot of calls or other battery intensive use, we recommend charging the phone while at the desk or in the car (at lunchtime, for example), or using a case that also contains a battery.