Setting up solution on Apple Watch

WorkerSafety Pro Safety solutions apps work on the Apple Watch series 3 or newer. Learn how here.

Install and setup the WorkerSafety Pro app on your phone first. Then go to the Apple provided “Watch” app on your phone and scroll down until you see the WorkerSafety Pro icon. Tap the install button. After it is installed, you will see the icon on your watch face. Tap on the icon on the watch face and answer the prompts to get it set up on your watch.

Once you have WorkerSafety Pro fully set up on your watch, you no longer need to run it on your iPhone. At this point you can pause the app or quit it altogether on the iPhone, but do not delete the app from the iPhone. It will still be running on your watch and monitoring for falls.

Tap on the WorkerSafety Pro icon on your watch to open it. Swipe to the left once the app is open, then using the digital crown (wheel on right side of watch), scroll down the screen. Tap the Test Alarm button, tap Begin Test. You can tap I’m OK (orange words) to cancel the countdown, or let it go down to zero and you will hear the alarm. Tap Silence to stop the alarm sound, then tap I’m OK to let your emergency contacts know you are OK.