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Where should I put the Bluetooth safety button once it's connected?

The information below provides examples of how you could wear or place the Bluetooth safety button so that it is accessible during an emergency.

The Bluetooth safety button should be attached or placed where it is most easily and quickly accessible. It is very important that the button is placed or worn in an area that is comfortable and familiar. If a button is placed in an area that is not comfortable or natural to you, it will most likely not be useful to you in an emergency.

The following is a list of examples for where the Bluetooth safety button could be placed or worn. This is not a comprehensive list, and your organization may have specific requirements about how this button should be worn or where it should be placed.


  • Hook the button to a set of keys using the attached nylon loop
  • Wear the button around the neck using the included lanyard
  • Wear the button inside of a pants pocket
  • Place the button inside of an open-topped purse
  • Place the button inside of the outermost pocket of a backpack.


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