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How can I see the member issues for my organization?

The safety portal provides a member issues panel that will display any issues with a user's WorkerSafety Pro application that could prohibit the app from running correctly. Follow the article below to understand and fix member issues.

Log in to the (WorkerSafety Pro) dashboard and scroll down to the Member Issues section.  Note, if you have more than one team, select the team from the left-hand navigation column, then scroll down to the Member Issues section.

You can search for Member Issues by the user's name, email, phone number, or issue.

    • "Location services not enabled": The location services are completely turned off on the user's phone for all applications. The user needs to enable location services in their smartphone's settings app and then correctly enable location services for WorkerSafety Pro. Articles for correctly enabling WorkerSafety Pro location services are referenced above.
  • To download a report of all Member Issues for your team, click the download icon on the bottom right corner of the Member Issues section.